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About us

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Founded by Aysen Yilmaz, a creative consultant with over 30 years experience in the industry, KAYA Partnerships creates a bridge between corporate organisations and the arts, by building long-term, impactful relationships through partnerships and sponsorships. 

The years of corporate badging of cultural events are behind us. Now more than ever corporates and brands must build meaningful commercial partnerships with the cultural sector with purpose and measurable return on investment

Successful creative partnerships and sponsorships can deliver on multiple corporate and brand objectives such as cultural audience brand awareness and engagement, creative talent support and associated brand affiliation, corporate social responsibility, and staff attrition and retention. 

Matt Smith:2020 exhibition at Brookfield Properties, August 2020

Photo: KAYA Partnerships

For the cultural sector, corporate creative partnerships and sponsorships can deliver long-term revenue streams and access to new audiences  and platforms.  

Handpicked by us, our team of freelance consultants is made up of a small number of seasoned experts that speak the language of both the cultural and corporate sectors. Together, we create and deliver bespoke partnerships that directly address our clients' objectives and desired outcomes.

KAYA Partnerships likes nothing more than hearing from potential clients who have an idea or business need that requires a bespoke creative partnership solution. Please feel free to contact us so we can create something remarkable together. 


VIP Lounge by Cox London at Collect 2020, Somerset House. Photo: Alun Callender

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